UNDP coordinates the Regional Working Group on UNISS Governance. In this regard, the Organisation has worked with UN agencies to fight against insecurity and violent extremism by identifying priority areas for intervention in regards to Governance, including; support for the reform of electoral system, support for the reform of judicial system, and, in close collaboration with the Regional Working Group on Security; support to cross-border communities.

In addition, UNDP has defined a strategic approach for the Sahel based on the objectives of SINUS and its comparative advantages including: neutrality, commitment to sustainable human development, its role in coordinating the interventions of Development partners, its presence in all the countries of the region and its organisation based on knowledge network. 

It is within this overall framework that the regional program for the Sahel, composed of four major initiatives for the G5 Sahel countries, was developed by UNDP. Funded by Japan, the program implements these major initiatives in a complementary manner:

Phase 1 – Consolidation of Peace and Good Governance in the Sahel to strengthen construction mechanisms / instruments, peace consolidation and good governance

Phase 2 – Strengthen Human Security and Community Resilience in the Sahel to support the combination of the 3 pillars of SINUS;

Phase 3 – Border Management and Cross-Border Communities Management in the Sahel to develop new inclusive and participative border management strategies;

Phase 4 – Border Management for Stability and Human Security in the Sahel to support the Action Plans of phase 3; strengthening of stability, an indispensable condition for development.

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