Response to a multidimensional crisis

In response to the crisis in Sahel, starting from June 2013 the United Nations has adopted the Integrated Strategy of the United Nations for Sahel (SINE). The strategy consists of three main strategic objectives: (i) The promotion of an integrated government of the region; (ii) The development of national and regional mechanisms capable of combatting cross-border  threats; (iii) 

The integration of humanitarian and development interventions to ensure long-term resilience. Three regional working groups : corresponding to the three strategic objectives,  were set up to identify and to implement relevant activities at national and regional level.

UNDP coordinated the Regional Working Group on the governance of the SINE. With regards to this project, they have worked together with UN agencies to define the priority areas of intervention in the area of governance, namely:  supporting the reform of electoral systems, supporting the reform of judiciary systems, and in close collaboration with the Regional Working Group on security and with the support of the communities that live in the cross-border areas to fight against insecurity and violent extremism.

In addition, UNDP has established a strategic approach to the Sahel based on the objectives of the “SINE” and its comparative advantages: Its neutrality, its commitment to sustainable human development, its role in coordinating the interventions of development partners, its presence in all the countries of the region and its organization as a knowledge based network. 

Thus, the UNDP strategy in the Sahel during the period of 2014-2017 is based on five strategic interventions:

  1. Support for the democratic governance and for the governance of the security sector, for the state of rights, and for the ability of wakefulness of the civil society
  2. Improving regional cooperation in economic and security matters
  3. Strengthening strategic functions of development and contributing to the reduction in poverty
  4. Strengthening of mechanisms and of resilience capabilities
  5. Promotion of communication and knowledge sharing in the Sahel


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