The purpose of the Platform is to establish a developmental and people-centred approach to border management in the Sahel. More specifically, the Platform is intended to promote the potential of improved border management in contributing to positive development outcomes in the Sahel; to initiate a broad debate of key regional and international stakeholders on the sort of border management required in the Sahel; and to provide all necessary information about the Border Management and Border Communities project of the UNDP Sahel Programme.

Knowledge Management (KM) is the practice of capturing, storing and sharing knowledge so that we can learn lessons from the past and apply them in the future.

The application of knowledge and learning is essential to improve the quality of our work.  Ensuring that an effective Knowledge Management system is in place allows for the capture of valuable insight to help improve performance; can allow for the comparison of experiences and the identification of common issues and challenges; can influence policy and strategic thinking by rooting them in experience; can make lesson-learning and capacity building a conscious and habitual process, and can help develop strong networks among interested actors.

From its inception, the Border Management & Border Communities project was envisaged in terms of an online presence – this Knowledge Management Platform – that could secure a multiplier effect in terms of disseminating key messages, sharing experience, and building consensus and coalitions for change.  The Knowledge Management Platform, therefore, must be ‘owned’ by a broadrange of users, a Community of Practice comprising different stakeholders engaged with the many and varied security and development issues at work in the border regions of the Sahel. They are de facto at the forefront in confronting the current situation and its challenges, and are best able to see, and to capture, the opportunities and possibilities for transformation that an international project can only identify and encourage.

The KM Platform, then, cannot be a static website, but must instead be a dynamic, interactive forum, where Practitioners can meet and network, share news and views, access resources and learn from the ongoing experience of each other.

This, then, is your Platform, and we welcome your contribution. Join the discussion, and contribute to improving border management in the Sahel.  Your input matters, and is vital to put the focus on the fragility of border regions, to address the interaction of security and development challenges, and to help build sustainable and resilient communities for the long-term.



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